Qualities People Bring to Projects
Qualities Only People Bring to Projects

As a professional software developer I have to constantly remain focused on who my work is for, which is people. Software has never paid me or thanked me. I continuously study, experiment and innovate because I want to remain ready and able to start building software today for tomorrow’s uses. I am determined to get my software in the hands of the people that are going to use it for their purposes.   These are qualities I do my best to bring to every project. These are qualities only people can fulfill on my team.

Each individual on the team has to contribute these qualities for the team to succeed. There is no project management software, development tool, or manual that can act as a substitute for these qualities in people. Where these qualities are lacking in people, no dress code or punctual arrivals can make up for it or paper over the money lost.

The vision is at the center, being the purpose for bringing into alignment and harmony the qualities of people.